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I just wanted to share how happy and pleased I am with my order. Every part of the packaging will be reused by me as well, thank you for making sure it is all recycled! The handwritten note was a lovely touch, and I really appreciated receiving that too.


Thanks for the lovely packaging, so nice to see someone who has pride in how they pack their orders. Love it. Thanks Lucy


I absolutely love The Plastic Free Life. I have made so many swaps to sustainable and Ethical products and i have really loved doing it. Lucy is always so helpful in answering my questions and it feels good to support a small business who are passionate about making a difference.


This leaves yours hair feeling really conditioned. It doesn’t leave any residue which you can sometimes find with a shampoo bar. Lasts a while too! Love this product

Lucie reviewing the 2in1 shampoo bar

I’m so pleased with this bottle! I’ve been looking for a new one for a while (since my other much more expensive glass one started to leak!) and this one ticks all the boxes! It’s really well made, it’s lightweight and the rubber sleeve protects it from any damage! It looks great too!

Natalie reviewing the Neon Kactus Water Bottle

I am so glad I came across these products, I love the fact they are completely plastic free and plant based. I have saved some plastic bottles going in the bin by reusing them with this cleaner. It smells lovely :)

Anne reviewing the Ocean Saver Drop

I had been thinking about switching to a natural deodorant for ages but kept thinking they wouldn’t be as affective as the bigger brands. I finally took the plunge and I am so happy I did. I wear this all day and even when I’m working out and it is really great. It smells wonderful and really does the job. Glad I’ve managed to find another great plastic free swap!

Jasmine reviewing the Kutis Natural Deoderant

This is the most relaxing candle, really calming yet uplifting smell but not too overpowering. My now all time fave candle.

Ash reviewing the Run With Wolves Candle

This cream has worked wonders on my skin, its so moisturising and you only need the smallest amount so this tub will last months. The smell is incredible and its so light on your skin. My skin is so soft since using this product.

Rosie reviewing the UpCircle Moisturiser