5 things you can do to celebrate Earth Day


Students at Cerritos College release large balloon during rally celebrating the

1st official Earth Day, 22 April 1970. JULIAN WASSER

Earth Day is a 3 day climate action movement which started in 1970 in America. 20 million Americans came together on April 22nd took to streets, college campuses and hundreds of cities to protest environmental ignorance and demand a new way forward. Earth Day is now recognized as the planet’s largest civic event each year. Since 1970, Earth day has helped pass landmark legislation across the globe to protect the environment and help educate generations of people. There are plenty of ways we can celebrate this Earth Day by making a few changes to our lifestyle, here are 5 ways you can get involved this year. 


Tune into Earth day Live

Earth day is moving to online this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, tune into it live on 22nd April at 5pm UK time. You can view Workshops, panel discussions, and special performances  which will focus on this years theme #RestoreOurEarth. They will also talk about natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Earth day 2021

Reduce your Waste at Home

Nearly a third of household food is thrown our or wasted, (nearly 1.8 billion tonnes of it a year) rotting food which is sent to landfill creates greenhouse gases. It's estimated that if food waste was a country, it would be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gases. (after the US and China) Source: FAO of the United states. Reducing your food waste can really help reduce our impact on the planet and reduce greenhouse emissions. 


Reduce your consumption

This can cover so many different areas in your life, fashion is a great example of an industry which is creating so much waste due to the rise in demand for fast fashion. Buying less often, buying better and buying only what you need will not only save you money but will also help reduce demand for products thats are having a huge impact on our environment. 

earth day 2021

Donate to a Great Cause

You can do your bit by helping support some of the biggest environmental charities who are fighting for climate action. Greenpeace, WWF and One Tree Planted are some of my favourites. You can also become a member of the Earth day organisation too which will help 


Support Small

By supporting a small business like The plastic free life, you are helping support great causes like tree planting and choosing sustainable products that are sourced and made ethically. Supporting other small business who want to make a change is really important to me and one of the reasons I decided to start The Plastic Free Life. Small, ethical businesses take pride in supporting amazing causes whilst actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint. It's the support from you which can help make an impact on our environment. 

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