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Yarra is a relatively new brand for us here at The Plastic Free Life and I came across Yarra when looking for eco-friendly bath salts and bath oils. It was a brief given to me by a friend who loves bath salts but hated that they always came in plastic packaging. When I found Yarra and started looking at their products and their ingredients I just knew I wanted to work with this brand. Everything is made in small batches in Bristol and they smell wonderful and make a beautiful, sustainable gift. I caught up with Sian who founded Yarra in 2018 in order to get to know the person behind this incredible brand. 


1. Where did your inspiration come from to start your brand?

Since I was a kid I have always been obsessed with baths and what comes with that is trying out all the exciting products. I used to have at least 12 different bubble baths on the go and couldn't wait to get home from school to pick which one I would use that evening. With my brand inspiration it came from spending time in Melbourne Australia (Yarra River) I loved it there and one of my favourite spots was the Botanical Gardens.


2. Why was it important to you to create a natural and sustainable brand?

I made a big lifestyle change a long time ago and became really invested in buying organic as much as possible. Starting off with food and then moving on to cosmetics. There are so many amazing products out there to try and I wanted to mirror that with starting out my new business.


Rose & Geranium Bath Salts - £6.00


3. Your scents are just incredible, the Rose bath salts being my favourite, where do you get your inspiration from when choosing your scents?

Why thank you  :) I started off with the dried flowers as I wanted them to be as visually striking as possible. Then I purchased loads of different essential oils and went from there. I am not one for following recipes so I wanted to create them all myself. 


4. What was the first product you made?

The first product I made was the Peppermint-Tea Tree & Basil Body Scrub and I was only going to stick with the scrubs but I got really excited how well they were doing so wanted to create different products using similar ingredients which is when the bath salts and bath oils came along. 



5. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a small business?

It helped me to get to know other small businesses in the area. I am really lucky in Brighton as we have a fantastic small business community and we all support each other on socials and even end up doing the same kind of markets etc and stocked in the same kind of shops. Oh and being super organised with paperwork!! :) 


Relaxing Ylang Ylang & Manderin Body & Bath Oil - £7.50

6. Do you have a favourite product?

My favourite product is my relaxing bath oil which will soon be name changed to San Clemente Oil- Loving the fresh summer orange scents. 

7. Apart from your own incredible range, what is your favourite sustainable item?

Yay I love this question!!! My favourite sustainable range has to be I love Self care co. Their candles are incredible and appreciate their messages they post on instagram that helps you get through the day :)


Yarra Brighton


8. Tell us a personal fact about yourself

Hmmm personal fact!! Okay I am actually a very private person and didn't have active social media accounts but since starting Yarra I had to get myself out there. I found it hard to post pictures of myself and wanted to stay anonymous for a long time. But as time has gone by I have felt more confident to show who I am and what I do and not hide behind the camera :) 


9. Are there any exciting new projects / products you are currently working on?

I have just completed a full product name change and added on more scents of the products I already have which has been really fun creating in the last few months. I soon want to go onto bath melts and look into which moulds to use, probably seaside inspired :)  

I just want to say a big thank you for creating such a wonderful outlet to help people shop more sustainably. I feel super excited to be a part of your brand and look forward to seeing you grow :) 

Thank you so much Sian for answering these questions for us and giving us an insight into your wonderful brand. All Yarra products are Plastic Free, Natural, Handmade, Vegan and cruelty free, they tick all the boxes really! To view the full Yarra Range then click here. If you have any questions about the range then please let me know in the comments below. 


All The Best
Lucy x

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