Sustainable Mothers Day Ideas

Mothers day is on the 14th March this year and most of us can say its not going to be what we expected. As lockdown starts to ease, it means we can hopefully start to see more of our loved ones but this will happen after this day of celebrating our Mothers. These types of days which should be a celebration can sometimes be overshadowed with a need to over consume which can lead to more waste. 

I always see supermarkets filled with random mothers day gifts, walls and walls of cards, and other cheap gifts. I always ask myself, who actually wants these things? Does anyone actually keep these gifts?

I don't want to try and promote over consumption or buying things that will end up in landfill so I started thinking about how Mothers day could be more personal and more sustainable and there are actually some great ideas out there to celebrate this day sustainably. 


Make your Own Card

I still have a card i made my parents for valentines day about 21 years ago, my mum kept it and now I have it, it makes me smile when I find it in a box of memories and its so comforting to know that she really treasured this because it was personal and made with love. This year I have asked my 8 year old niece to make a card for my sister for mothers day and i know my sister will love this. It is so much more personal, fun and it can be made using what you already have around you. 


Soy Wax Candles

Candles are a great mothers day gift as they are warming and nostalgic. They also last a long time and if in a glass jar like our Run with Wolves candles then the jar can be reused. (check out our instagram reels on how to remove wax from a used candle jar) I love my buy my nan candles and she really enjoys lighting them on an evening, its become a tradition where I send her a new fragrance for her birthday. 

Run With Wolves Candle


Send Flowers From a Local Florist

There are so many big flower companies online now and I can honestly say that they just do not compare to local florists. Small businesses like local florists can be so much more flexible with what you want. I always ask if they can ensure it is plastic free which they are always happy to do. They also tend to be more flexible with deliveries as they will drop the flowers off themselves so you are not waiting to see if your flowers arrived in one piece. it is also great if you live far away from your mum as you can call a florist local to her. I have found this experienced so much easier than ordering online from a bigger company and the flowers were beautiful and because they have travelled less, this also helps reduce carbon footprint. 

 Green flamingo Florist in Cheshire



Create a sustainable Gift Bundle

Choose 3 sustainable gifts from our bundles section and get 10% off. I love building these little bundles for my friends and family for special occasions. The bundles have a great range of beautiful soaps, bath salts, candles, makeup and many more amazing brands. You can also add on plastic free gift wrapping to make your gift extra special.  

Gift Wrap



Read a new Book Together

Over lockdown, I definitely read more and I have been sharing books more with my sister. We have had a great time recommending books and swapping books. I started thinking that it could be a great idea to read the same book and to discuss over the phone, a bit like a book club but just with another person. (or more if you fancy it) You could buy your mum the book as a gift and start reading it together. its a great way to stay in touch. 


Skincare for a zoom, Home spa night

I have been doing so many more skincare spa nights since being in lockdown. Looking after my skin has become more of a focus for me, especially since I have stopped wearing makeup in the day. (one of the joys of working from home) I used to love doing skincare spas nights with friends or my sister, trying new products and giving myself a pamper. These kinds of nights do not need to stop just because we cant all spend time with each other. Try buying your mum some new natural skincare and arranging a zoom spa night and catch over a few glasses of wine. This could make a lovely mothers day gift and day for her. 

White Rabbit Calming Cream



These are just a few ideas which are more sustainable and include some great ideas to stay connected with your mum. These ideas can also be used for friends with kids, sisters, step mums, Nan's and even Dads who are mums. I hope you manage to make your mums days as special as you can during these weird circumstances. 

All The Best

Lucy x



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