What is Oil Pulling and its Benefits?

I have been using an Oil pulling mouthwash for around a year now but it was only recently I really started researching into its benefits. I love to use my oil mouthwash over a minty one as I find the minty one too overpowering for me. For years I always felt that the stronger something tasted then the better it must be - I don't believe this to be the case anymore. 

What is it? ⁣
Oil pulling, also known as Kavata or Gundusha is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique. It should be done on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. ⁣

The idea is you put a couple of tea spoons of oil in your mouth and swish around for 20 minutes and rinse. ⁣

Georganics English Peppermint Oil Pulling Mouthwash

What are the benefits?⁣
The oil pulls bacteria from the mouth whilst moisturising gums and increasing saliva production - which then also reduces bacteria build up in your mouth. Studies have shown that regular oil pulling reduces inflammation and plaque build up as well as treating diseases such as gingivitis. ⁣Studies suggest that Oil pulling is actually just as effective as mouthwash, the advantage is that Oil pulling is a more sustainable option. 

You can use different oils but coconut has proven to be most effective because of its antibacterial properties. I have been using the Georganics range for over a year and have loved the benefits so far. 

Georganics Activated Charcoal Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Activated Charcoal is also amazing for your oral health, charcoal helps kill bacteria and is basically a detox for your mouth. It sticks to the bacteria, tartar, food and stains in your mouth which are then removed when you rinse, this is why it’s a great teeth whitener. 

Why Choose an Oil Over a Standard Mouthwash?

Oil pulling is a great natural alternative to mouthwashes commonly sold in supermarkets or pharmacies. Standard mouthwashes can have small side effects which include taste disturbance, Sensation of dry mouth and even tooth staining in some cases. These side effects although small do not occur when using oil and I have already noted a difference in how whiter my teeth are and how clean my mouth feels when using oil. 

Georganics mouthwash are completely plastic free which is another win for me and one of the reasons I looked into these products. They come in an aluminium bottle which can be reused or easily recycled. If you are wanting to reduce the amount of plastic you have in your bathroom then this is a great alternative. 

⁣Georganics Spearmint Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Who are Georganics?

"Actually Natural! Georganics only use pure, natural and organic ingredients. Georganics’ journey started when Alessandro began to formulate his own toothpaste for him and his friends. Soon after, in 2014, Alessandro founded the brand when he was offered the chance to supply his local farmer’s market in Crystal Palace. Charles, being an existing customer, joined Georganics in 2017 after leaving the banking world to join a more ethical business. Today we’ve grown into one of Europe’s most trusted brands of genuinely natural oral care."

Georganics proudly talk about the ingredients they use, where they source it from and also what they never put in their products. For their mouthwash they use four natural ingredients:

Fractionated Coconut Oil 
this is a natural stabliser and effective plaque remover.

Virgin Coconut Oil
A natural emollient and humectant, serving as an alternative to synthetic glycerin. It helps prevent plaque-induced gingivitis and tooth decay.

Essential Oils
These natural and food-grade essential oils are used to give flavour to our products, avoiding synthetic flavourings. It also acts as natural antiseptics and are anti-inflammatory in our products.

GMO free Soya, as an antioxidant in production phase and as a natural preservative to extend shelf-life.

Choosing Sustainable Oral Care Products

The bathroom is one room that can house so many plastic products which are filled with chemicals. It was one of the first rooms I tackled when switching to more sustainable and eco-friendly products. I have always used Georganics for my oral care and I love their range of products that are natural and free from any nasties. Check out our Georganics range at our website here.

Georganics 120 Tooth tablets

Georganics year supply of beech wood toothbrushes

Georganics Activated Toothpaste 

Stay safe

Lucy x

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