About Us

Hi, Welcome to The Plastic Free Life!


I’m Lucy! My Journey to a Plastic Free Life started a couple of years ago when I started making changes to my lifestyle with the aim of cutting down my plastic consumption and the number of unnecessary products I send to landfill. Everywhere we go we are met with single use plastic. This makes no sense to me when plastic is a major pollutant of the natural world and is around for hundreds of years after its use. To rid my life of plastic, I started by focusing with one room at a time and have now replaced the products I use with plastic free alternatives which are cruelty free, natural and amazing quality. Who knew there were so many incredible zero waste and plastic free solutions out there?

I started sharing all these amazing plastic free and sustainable brands I stumbled across on my Instagram page @the_plastic_free_life and quickly found that there were so many people on the same journey as me, looking for new ways to be free from plastic and sharing so much information about how to be more eco-friendly. After a couple of months of speaking to some incredible people, I realised that this cause needed to be my focus and was born. I wanted to help support small and sustainable brands by selling the products that I use myself every day and truly believe in. All the brands on my website are brands that I love and believe are having a positive impact on the world but are also excellent value for money. I want people from all over the world to be able to find plastic free and zero waste products all in one place and see clearly the values and real life reviews of each product. 

Living sustainably for me is not just about ditching the plastic though, I am strongly committed to running a transparent business which enables my customers to make informed decisions about the products they buy. That is why all our products will fall under at least one of our product values below which you can find on our product pages. At The Plastic Free Life we stock a huge range of products that are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural, Organic, Made in the UK, Handmade, Compostable and Plastic Free. 

Our Values and Commitments


We are so proud of the brands we have chosen to work with, they are all sustainable and they are all doing their part to help make our world a better place by reducing waste going to landfill. We aim to be transparent with all our customers sharing our journey and the journey of our products with you on our social media pages.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

 All our brands are working towards reducing their carbon footprint or are carbon neutral which is amazing. We ourselves are working on keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible by sourcing the majority of our products from the UK to keep transport emissions down. We use recycled paper and packaging. We have chosen Royal Mail as our courier because they are reliable but also because they have a great sustainability policy in place. For more information, please check our deliveries page.

Using the Right Packaging

All of our orders are shipped completely plastic free and we urge our customers to reuse all our packaging. Our cardboard boxes can be composted or recycled. Our tissue paper is made from recycled paper and is dyed using water-based inks, these can be reused, composted, or recycled. We use a paper tape which does not contain plastic and can be recycled. Our thank you card is made from recycled paper and can also be composted or recycled. Our shipping labels are printed on recycled paper. To reduce waste, we also use packaging from our suppliers too which will be plastic free.

Supporting Causes that Mean Something

One of our intentions is to get involved with some worthwhile causes to give back to the planet and our community. Keep an eye out on our pages for causes we're involved in like tree planting or beach clean ups. Please also share with us if you have any events coming up and we will try to help where we can. 

Supporting Small Businesses

So many of the businesses we work with were started at home by a family who had an idea to make the world a better place, we’re so proud to be supporting these businesses by sharing their passion and their products with our customers. We love the products they have created, and we hope you will love them too. We also work closely with our suppliers to help further improve the sustainability of our products, we thank all of our brands for listening to our feedback and ideas. 

Helping People Reduce their Plastic Waste

Our aim is to help inspire people to make small changes to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether that's buying a product that is plastic free,  Zero waste or Vegan - we believe that by giving you as much information about the values of a product and the history behind it will help you make an informed choice that you're happy with. Every single sustainable swap you make is having a positive impact to our planet and saving so much plastic waste going to landfill or in our oceans. Check out our blog for articles on Plastic Free living and other sustainable topics. 



Thank you for supporting my small business, it really means so much to me! To keep updated with my plastic free journey and current news, head over to my Instagram page @the_plastic_free_life or subscribe to our newsletter.

Lucy x