One Tree Planted

Deforestation across the globe is causing a huge impact to our planet. Trees are extremely important for our planets biodiversity, many animals rely on trees for food, safety and shelter. They also play a key role in the survival of the human race, as they absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. 

Deforestation means that more carbon dioxide is in the worlds atmosphere, creating a blanket over the planet which is causing it to heat up. This increase in temperature is already having an impact on the worlds weather system which is having adverse impacts on wildlife across the globe. 

We are so thrilled to be supporting an amazing cause like One Tree Planted. We have committed to regularly plant trees through this organisation in order to help re-plant trees in areas which need it the most. Trees help create food for people in the surrounding areas, provide sun shelter, homes, food and water to wildlife as well as stopping our planet heating up. They really are one of the most important things we can have on this planet. 

Check out below the work we have done so far since launching 6 months ago. 


Trees planted so far: 64


One Tree Planted


Thank you to everyone who chooses to shop more sustainably with a small business, you are allowing us to work with amazing organisations like One Tree Planted. 

To find out more about One Tree Planted and their mission, click here.