100% Cotton Tote Bag
100% Cotton Tote Bag
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100% Cotton Tote Bag

Eco Vibe
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If there’s one thing that every green-minded person needs, it’s a reusable tote bag. Since the plastic bag tax was introduced in 2015, the demand for single-use plastic bags has dropped by 86% - that’s great news! Shop your reusable tote bag today and save money as well as help the planet.

This 100% cotton tote bag is perfect for all your carrying needs! Bring it with you to your local market, grocery stores and beyond. Unlike the flimsy plastic bags you get from high street shops and grocery stores, these bags are durable and can carry much more at a time.

We love the eco-friendly message on this bag too, which shows how damaging plastic can be to the planet, so you can gently remind any passers-by to reduce their waste!

This tote bag is reusable for years and years, but when it’s finally past it’s carrying days, you can recycle it with other textiles.

Size: 380 x 410mm

Best Features:
The stylish and eco-friendly way to replace plastic bags! 
100% cotton
Recyclable as a textile
This Product is:

Why Lucy Loves

Worldwide a trillion single use plastic bags are used each year. This is shocking, with only 1% returned for recycling. These end up either being incinerated which is harmful for the environment or end up in landfill breaking down into micro-plastics. I chose this bag because I think the message on this is so important and its a great item to have to help you on your way to a plastic free life. 

About The Brand

In mid-2018 we (Anya, Amy, Becky and Gabriela - a group of friends working together in Leeds) were talking about how we all felt similarly frustrated by the growing plastic crisis. We’d all been feeling a growing plastic anxiety, and then high-profile documentary Blue Planet came out. The more we thought about it, the more plastic we could see everywhere. It was smothering, and we felt motivated for change. We realised that we wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem and needed to start now.

We know that going plastic free isn't always easy and we're not perfect! We believe its about the small switches we can made to reduce our impact on the planet. We started looking for ways to reduce our plastic use and cut everyday single-use household plastics out of our lives, but found we struggled to find the right products. Either the plastic-free alternatives we looked for didn’t exist, or they weren’t truly plastic-free, biodegradable or compostable. With all the lack of choice and misinformation around, we realised that if we found it hard work, other people probably did too. Luckily in June 2018 we had the opportunity to combine our passion with our individual skills. Eco Vibe was born.

We set out to create Eco Vibe as a clear, honest place people could easily find truly eco-friendly alternatives. We wanted to provide products that people loved, in a way that was easy to shop and orders that were a delight to receive!