Bamboo Safety Razor
Bamboo Safety Razor
Bamboo Safety Razor
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Bamboo Safety Razor

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Unfortunately, billions of plastic razors and cartridges are thrown away every year. They cannot be recycled, as the metal is embedded in plastic. So, all this plastic is burned or ends up in nature. This is a disaster for the environment. 

What is a safety Razor?
The double edge safety razor has a long, refilled handle made of high quality metal. The riffles provide a tight grip. This makes the razor ideal for shaving the face and the body. Safety Razors use a single blade made from stainless steel, which are easy to change and easy to recycle.

The Bambaw metal safety razor is ideal for beginners. It is designed for easy use and the closed comb makes it less aggressive than an open comb. Shaving with the eco-friendly double edge razor is different from a cartridge razor. Therefore, a complete and illustrated online user manual is included.

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What do you get?
1 high quality metal razor with bamboo handle, 1 Astra Razor blade, Digital user manual

Please note: It is illegal in the UK to purchase razors and razor blades when under the age of 18. By purchasing these you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18.

Best Features:
Reusable which will save hundreds of disposable razors going to landfill
Amazing results, best shave ever! (In my opinion)
Cheaper alternative to disposable razors
Easy to change blades

This Product is:

Why Lucy Loves

This safety razor was one of my first swaps I made when started my sustainable journey. It is a excellent way to reduce the waste caused by disposable razors as well as save you money in the long term. It gives you a really close shave, closer than I ever found from a plastic, disposable razor. It is easy to swap the blades and the blades can be easily recycled. This is a lovely design with the bamboo handle, you can really tell this product is high quality. 

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About The Brand

"Zero-waste products for a better future". Bambaw was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Max & Augustin.

Their mission is to 'rethink the way we consume and offer durable alternatives to wasteful products, which we call zero waste swaps' 

Their products are crafted with the lowest eco-footprint possible and under fair conditions. I came across this brand when I made a swap to a safety razor and have loved this brand ever since. They knew it would be important to create a reusable cup that encapsulated, style, design and performance in order to encourage others to ditch the disposable. 

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