Detox Eucalyptus & Pine Bath Salt Soak
Detox Eucalyptus & Pine Bath Salt Soak
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Detox Eucalyptus & Pine Bath Salt Soak

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Detox and unwind with this organic bath salt soak made with 100% epsom salt, dead sea salt & magnesium flakes. This bath soak is designed to help detoxify the skin and leave your skin supremely smooth whilst giving a full muscular soak. It's salt texture and fresh minty scent, adds a touch of luxury to your self care routine. These Bath salts are completely plastic free and come in a beautiful glass jar. 

Eucalyptus is a cooling and refreshing oil which is directly steam distilled from the leaves. It helps to cleanse and stimulate the mind whilst refreshing the body. It’s great for when you need to clear a stuffy head by helping to decongest your sinuses.

Pine is stem distilled directly from the stumps, needles, twigs and cones and brings brings a beautiful refreshing aroma with supporting benefits for the respiratory system and perfect to help ease muscular tension.

NOTE: This product can become wet inside so try to keep in a cool dark space. If struggling to get out of the jar use a spoon to help ease out the salts.

To Use: 
Simply sprinkle some bath salts in your bath and leave for a few minutes to soak and infuse your water. And Relax..

Best Features:
Palm Oil Free
Free from any nasties like SLS, Parabens, Sulphates.
Handmade in Brighton
Wonderful smell and beautifully displayed in a glass jar

This Product Is: 

Why Lucy Loves

Taking time for yourself is so important and a relaxing bath is definitely on my list when I want to wash the day away and unwind. I've always seen bath salts in plastic packaging so to find plastic free bath salts which are also natural and free from any synthetic chemicals was a win win for me. I love Yarra Brighton as everything is made by hand with love and their organic bath salts and oils smell wonderful. These also make a beautiful gift too. 


Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Magnesium Flakes, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil

About The Brand

Yarra was launched in 2018 by Sian, sourcing ethically and using only high quality ingredients is what they are all about which is why they have a small but beautiful range. They make each product is small batches to help keep the products fresh and they have a fantastic range of organic and plastic free bath salts and bath oils.