Double Edge Safety Razor Blade - Pack of 5

Double Edge Safety Razor Blade - Pack of 5

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These Shark double edge stainless blades will fit in any of our reusable safety razors. They can even be used for a cut throat razor if snapped in half. These are completely plastic free and can be recycled. If cleaned in between uses, your blades can last you much longer than any disposable razor. I only switch my blade every couple of months!

These plastic free blades are individually wrapped in wax paper and packed in a cardboard packaging. 

Please note: It is illegal in the UK to purchase razors and razor blades when under the age of 18. By purchasing these you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18

How to Recycle your blades:
Store your used blades in a metal tin
When full close the top of the tin with plyers so none of the blades can fall out
Write on the outside of the tin with a marker 'Razor Blades'
Put in your normal recycling

Please note that all councils are different and some do not allow recycling of razor blades so please check your area first! if your area does not recycle you should be able to take your tin to your local recycling centre to be recycled. 

Best Features:
Last much longer than disposable razor blades
Easy to switch and easy to clean

Made in Egypt

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