Natural Soy Wax Tealights Pack of 6 Mixed Scent

Natural Soy Wax Tealights Pack of 6 Mixed Scent

Run With Wolves
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A perfect way to try a number of different scents with this mixed set of tea lights. 

About The Scents:
Green Lavender - Be transported to a state of natural calm and tranquillity with the soothing scents in this candle. The floral waves of lavender will wash over you, relaxing and calming your mind. Lavender scented candles are ideal for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep and will help you unwind after a busy day.

Orange Embers - The candle has been created to warm and lift the spirits using natural organic essential oils. The crisp citrus scents alongside the warm sweet spice of cinnamon, ginger and clove is the perfect addition to a cosy night in. Be transported to a place of relaxation with this heart warming scent.

Black Moon - Set your positive intentions with the Black Moon candle, created with natural woodland tones which bring positivity, calmness and relaxation. The earthy blend of sandalwood wraps around you bringing inner peace, warming the deepest parts of your soul. Black moon will draw you closer to mother nature allowing you to set intentions or affirmations every time you light the flame. It enables you to be grounded and clear especially during a full or new moon.

Amber Forest - Close your eyes and picture a beautiful calm forest, as you are stood at the edge allow yourself to be immersed in waves of uplifting tranquility. Breath in the crisp subtle peppermint notes whilst the calming undertones of floral, musk essential oils come through like the wind flows through the trees. A truly unique scent that will calm the busiest of minds and bring a sense of inner peace to your being.

Ginger Solstice - Ginger Solstice is a blend of ginger spice, vanilla and almond oil; imagine freshly baked gingerbread! Relax with this warming sweet scent.

Snow Berries - Snow Berries is a fresh crisp candle with notes of cranberry, apple and subtle orange. The scent is calming and uplifting with beautiful vibes perfect for a relaxing evening.

Materials & Care:
They use a pure organic essential oil blend, no colourants or dyes and use local suppliers for our ingredients.  The jars are apothecary style amber glass with aluminium lids and are 100% plastic free. When you have burnt your candle why not use the jar for up-cycling, they are great for for storing herbs, pencils, cotton buds.

Burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time. 

Keep wick trimmed to 0.5mm to prevent smoking/mushrooming of the wick.
Do not burn near aquatic life
Never leave your candle unattended, keep out of reach of children & pets

Best Features:
Incredible smell
Burn time is 6 hours per tea light
Natural cotton wick
No colourants or dyes
Made using local supplies
100% natural soy wax

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This Product Is: 

Why Lucy Loves

I love these candles so much I cant decide which one is my favourite scent. This is why I love this mixed tea light set, it’s a great way to try the different fragrances. These are the nicest looking tea lights you will ever own and even better they are 100% plastic free and vegan candles. 

About The Brand

Jane’s sustainable journey began around 8 years ago when she made the decision to go Vegan. Her love for animals and the planet inspired her to consider her entire environmental impact and start making conscious choices for a more sustainable future. Skip a few years and Run with Wolves was created. In December 2017, Jane decided to hand make low-waste, sustainable Christmas gifts for friends and family and the first candle was poured.

Jane’s continuing her mission for a more sustainable planet by designing products inspired by nature for more ethical living. Run with Wolves is a plastic free ‘circular’ company; each item is packaged using sustainably sourced, recyclable materials. From the candle jars that can be re-filled or re-used to the natural ink used to print the labels. Each and every element of a Run with wolves product has been considered and carefully selected for the good of the planet.