Reusable Clear Glass Spray Bottle 500ml

Reusable Clear Glass Spray Bottle 500ml

Eco Vibe
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These reusable spray bottles are so useful for our water-soluble cleaning liquids, plus they look so nice in the bathroom or kitchen! They could also be used for other household liquids and hair products.

These bottles are a great way to avoid buying chemical cleaning liquids which are more often than not in single-use plastic containers.

Want this labelling? 
We now offer a black label on these glass bottles as shown in photo. Just select the option with label and let us know what you want your label to say in the comments section at checkout. (maximum 20 characters) Please note these labels are plastic but they are really durable so should last a very very long time on your bottle. 

Best Features: 
Perfect for when using soluble cleaners like Ocean saver or Iron & Velvet
Great for making your own products
Zero Packaging
Label option available

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Why Lucy Loves

These clear glass bottles are perfect for when making your own DIY cleaner like I love to do. Ditching plastic cleaning bottles is a great way to be sustainable as you avoid sending plastic to landfill as the sprays often cant be recycled. These are also perfect for misting plants and using with our Ocean saver and Iron & Velvet soluble cleaning pods.

About The Brand

In mid-2018 we (Anya, Amy, Becky and Gabriela - a group of friends working together in Leeds) were talking about how we all felt similarly frustrated by the growing plastic crisis. We’d all been feeling a growing plastic anxiety, and then high-profile documentary Blue Planet came out. The more we thought about it, the more plastic we could see everywhere. It was smothering, and we felt motivated for change. We realised that we wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem and needed to start now.

We know that going plastic free isn't always easy and we're not perfect! We believe its about the small switches we can made to reduce our impact on the planet. We started looking for ways to reduce our plastic use and cut everyday single-use household plastics out of our lives, but found we struggled to find the right products. Either the plastic-free alternatives we looked for didn’t exist, or they weren’t truly plastic-free, biodegradable or compostable. With all the lack of choice and misinformation around, we realised that if we found it hard work, other people probably did too. Luckily in June 2018 we had the opportunity to combine our passion with our individual skills. Eco Vibe was born.