Reusable Paper Towels
Reusable Paper Towels
Reusable Paper Towels
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Reusable Paper Towels

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More than 50,000 trees are cut down everyday to meet the daily demand of kitchen rolls. What I love about these reusable towels is that they save so many disposable kitchen towels going to landfill. They can be easily washed and Bamboo is naturally antibacterial.

The Bamboo roll contains 20 washable and reusable bamboo paper towels. Bamboo fibres are thick, absorbent and quick to dry. One roll of reusable paper towels are the equivalent of 65 everyday disposable paper rolls.

Material & Care:
The reusable paper towels are made from 80% bamboo and 20% polyester.
Not suitable for the dryer, wash up to 40 degrees without fabric softener then allow to air dry. 
Do not Iron

Best Features:
Reusable, saving thousands of disposable paper towels going to landfill
Bamboo is naturally Anti bacteria
Fast Drying
100% reculabale packaging
Cost effective as saves you buy disposable towels
works on a range of surfaces and even soft on skin. 
Bambaw's supply chain is 10% CO Neutral

This Product is:

Why Lucy Loves

When I saw how much money I was spending on items like kitchen towel which came wrapped in plastic and was used for a couple of seconds, I decided to stop buying it. I came across these Bambaw reusable bamboo towels about a year ago and though they were a great sustainable alternative to disposable towels. Bamboo is a naturally anti bacterial so these area great addition to your sustainable kitchen. Although they do have polyester in them, they are reusable so will last for years to come.  love these because they can literally be used for anything; baby wipes, face wipes, kitchen wipes!

About The Brand

"Zero-waste products for a better future". Bambaw was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Max & Augustin.

Their mission is to 'rethink the way we consume and offer durable alternatives to wasteful products, which we call zero waste swaps' 

Their products are crafted with the lowest eco-footprint possible and under fair conditions. I came across this brand when I made a swap to a safety razor and have loved this brand ever since. They knew it would be important to create a reusable cup that encapsulated, style, design and performance in order to encourage others to ditch the disposable.