Reusable Silicone Food Covers
Reusable Silicone Food Covers
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Reusable Silicone Food Covers

Fresh Thinking Co
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These are the ultimate kitchen must have, these plastic free, reusable, silicone food covers will stretch over different size bowls which is a great alternative to plastic cling film which can't be recycled. 

These 6 round silicone lids fit over square and round containers, even over a watermelon, pumpkin or a big old salad bowl. Just choose the size closest to your bowl, dish, container or sliced fruit and stretch it over. 

Although these lids aren't biodegradable, they can be recycled. These should last at least 200 uses or more if looked after properly. 

Sizes & Care: 
66mm - will stretch to 89mm
97mm - will stretch to 127mm
114mm - will stretch to 152mm
115mm - will stretch to 203mm
165mm - will stretch to 229mm
211mm - will stretch to 254mm

Heat Resistance: 30 degrees C - 230 degrees C
Frost Resistant: -40 degrees C

Hand wash in warm soapy water or place in the dishwasher. 

This Product Is: 

Why Lucy Loves

These were the first product i tried from Fresh Thinking Co and they come in so handy. There are 6 different sizes allow you to cover pretty much anything. There is one small enough for an open tin or a bowl or even if you are leaving dough to rest. They are easily washable and I love that i no longer need to use cling film or foil to cover food up. 

About The Brand

Fresh Thinking Co was launched in 2020 in Wales and they have already made such an impact with their incredible range of eco friendly products. Started by Sophie & Dan after realising how much plastic was being washed up on the beach near their home they wanted to do something about it. I have been a huge fan of this brand since they launched with their silicone for covers which I love. I am so thrilled to be working with this brand. 

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