Toothbrush Bamboo Travel case

Toothbrush Bamboo Travel case

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Made from beautifully polished bamboo, this toothbrush travel case is perfect for travelling and keeping your toothbrush protected. It is also completely plastic free and looks lovely in your travel case. There is a hole at the top and bottom or allow air to get in. 

Bamboo is a fast growing perennial plant which is also really strong which makes it a great natural product. Harvesting it does not cause destruction to any wildlife habitats unlike other plants and trees. 

These can also make the perfect gift!

Size: Approx 21cm x 2.5cm (as this is a natural product there may be slight variances in the size)

Best Features: 
Plastic Free
Beautifully made
Made using sustainable resources
Perfect for travelling

This Product Is: 

Why Lucy Loves

This is the most beautiful toothbrush travel case I've ever seen. It is beautifully made, long lasting and completely plastic free. Perfect for when you're away as i always end up getting makeup or dirt all over my brush when its shoved in my makeup bag. This is perfect for any toothbrush.