Volume Mascara Refill
Volume Mascara Refill
Volume Mascara Refill
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Volume Mascara Refill

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Zao's Volume & Sheathing Mascara delivers intense colour and volume to your eyelashes. Formulated without synthetic preservatives and with high quality raw materials, this mascara reduces the risk of redness and irritation to your eyes. Suitable for regular use and sensitive eyes. Our mascara is now refillable to reduce waste. This product is the refill for the bamboo packaged mascara.

A wand is included due to hygiene regulations, but please note that a lot of wildlife charities will take old mascara wands as they are extremely useful for removing things such as fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of animals.


Full Mascara Available Here

To Use:
Start with the upper lashes, holding the brush horizontally close to the root, move up in a zigzag motion while you are looking down. Concentrate on the ends to enlarge the eye and on the centre to open up the eyes. Gently tap the eye lashes when applying mascara to the lower lashes, ensuring that you don’t overload them.

Zao Beauty Tip:
Mascara is the key item in your beauty kit, just a touch of mascara can work wonders! Some tips for a quick and easy beauty routine: before you put on mascara, always make sure your eyelashes are dry and free of cream or oil, then dust them with powder. This preparation will ensure your mascara won't smudge and will last even longer. Open the mascara gently and in one movement! Avoid pumping to keep the product on the brush, but make sure that you haven’t overloaded it. If so, gently remove any excess with a tissue and not at the opening of the bottle. If you have a few drops of mascara on your skin after you’ve applied it, wait until it is dry, then gently wipe it off with a cotton swab. If you are already wearing foundation, you can also dab a little on the cotton swab before removing the mascara to ensure your complexion remains even.

Best Features:
Reduces waste going to landfill
Recyclable packaging
Cost saving
COSMOS Organic certified by ECOCERT
100% Natural
Includes no toxic chemicals

This Product is:

Why Lucy Loves

Did you know a lot of makeup contains quite a few toxic chemicals such as Parabens and Phthalates. These chemicals have links to health problems and can also feed problem skin. As someone who has always had problem skin I was so happy to come across Zao. This mascara is one of a kind in that it comes with a recyclable refill, Although this product isn't plastic free, this refill is made from PP and is 100% recyclable. The wand can also be donated to wildlife charities. This is the best sustainable liquid mascara I have seen on the market so really happy to be stocking this brand. 

About The Brand

Zao was created with a vision of sustainability, a minimal carbon footprint and formulations of 100% natural ingredients from organic farming. The products are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with powerful performance that is soothing, safe and gentle to the skin.